Thursday 03.26.15


The last Open workout will be announced night at 5 PM. Come to the gym and watch these ladies go at it.

Back Squat
2x15 @ 60-70 1RM
Rest as needed
4 Rounds
8 P Clean (L2 135/95, L1 115/75#)
5 P Snatch
200m Sprint
Immediately upon finishing
do 3x10-15 T2B
rest :30 between sets.

Wednesday 03.25.15


Make sure you protect your hands for this workout. Do not tear for The Open workout 15.5.

OTM for 10 minutes
1 Sq Snatch @ heavier than last week
OTM for 15 Minutes (protect hands)
perform 3 Thrusters (L2 155/105, L1 95/65#) & 3 Bar MU (SUB 3 C2B)
Minutes 6-10:00
perform 5 Thrusters & 5 C2B Pullups
Minutes 11-15:00
perform 7 Thrusters & 7 Pullups

Tuesday 03.24.15

3 Rounds
20 DU (SUB 40 Singles +10 attempts of DU)
10 S2OH (L2 135/95, L1 115/75#)
Rest :45sec b/t rounds
100 DU
20 Wallball
(L2 20/14, L1 16/12#)
5x 1 Sq Snatch/1
OHS (L1 95/65, L2 135/95#)
(do one squat snatch and then one OHS x5)
75 DU
20 Wallball
5x 1 Squat Snatch/1 OH Squat
50 DU
20 Wallball
5x 1 Squat Snatch/1 OH Squat
Rest 1 minute
500m Run AFAP (As Fast As Possible)

Monday 03.23.15


Hi all,

Thank you for your time and responses in the survey! We want you to feel like your voice matters and want to continually strive to make HGX a better place.

In regards to coaches’ feedback, each coach is getting a review of their feedback and asked to incorporate changes for areas of improvement.

In regards to some specific questions and comments that came up:

1.) Tracking Workouts: We are very excited to announce that we’re switching from our current business management software, Mindbody, to Wodify. Wodify is where you’ll check-in to classes and be able to record results. It tracks your progress, showing your past performances, percentages of maxes, theoretical maxes, as well as gold ribbons for PRs. It has a digital whiteboard for ranking results and you can “like” other members’ performances. There is also an app that is easy and convenient to use!
2) Coaches’ Arrival: Coaches are required to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before class so that they can get anything ready that’s needed for class and so that members have a chance to mobilize before class if desired.

3.) Programming: Our programming goal is to marry two elements: (1.) constantly varied and (2.) specific focus. Each month has a specific focus in mind, with weekly progressions woven in, while abiding by “routine is the enemy”. The workout strengths and skills are never randomized, there is always a goal for the day, week and month.
4.) Class Participation, Level 1 and Level 2: Once the open is over we would like everyone to be on the same programming, i.e. taking the regular classes. We’re a community, not an open gym. There will be Level 2 additional strength training and skills listed under the workouts. Anyone is welcome to do this additional work in order to get more volume in and work on improving weaknesses.

5.) Additional Class Times: We used to offer a weekday 7:30pm class but there wasn’t enough attendance. The 6:30pm classes are currently not filled enough to warrant a later class being offered. On Saturdays there are two times that you can attend: 9:00am class and/or 10:00am open gym. We would be happy to add class times if there was enough attendance. More members = more attendance. So keep spreading the word, tell your family, co-workers, friends about HGX. Each first Saturday of the month at 10:00am is a beginner free class that anyone is welcome to attend to check it out!

6.) Yoga: Every Sunday at 10:00am we offer a free yoga class to all of our members. The yoga class has been free since it was added to the schedule. Improving mobility is an important supplement to strength and endurance training. Hope to see you there!

7.) Gym Cleanliness: Beginning next month we are changing the process by which the floors get cleaned. We want the gym to be a clean and comfortable environment.
8.) CrossFit Teens: Any teenager is welcome to go through our Fundamentals series just like an adult. Once they finish this series they are welcome to come to any regular scheduled class. We have several teenage members that have gone through this series, attend regular classes, and are even participating in the CrossFit Open teen division.

Thank you again for being a part of our community and taking the time to give feedback on how to continually make it better. Please do not hesitate to ever let us know any questions or comments or feedback you have.

Yours in training,

Back Squat Find 1RM for the day
DB Snatch (L2 95/65, L1 75/45#)
(alternate R/L)
1 min Accumulated Ring Holds at top of Dip position
(L2 UB 1min holds)
(SUB Holds on dip bars)
Then Do 30 HSPU
as fast and in as few sets as possible immediately upon finishing. (L2 Strict)