eat well (UPDATED)

Look at those smiles from our last gathering…

REMINDER: June 2011 Paleo Fare and Performance Cooking Class (UPDATED)

We often get questions on how to cook, when to cook, what to cook, who to cook, where to cook…you get the idea, and now is your  chance to get your hands dirty again with our resident pro, Amy Pinto. She is not only the genius behind the retardedly addictive nut butter that stocks our fridge, but also the author of Performance Cooking blog, our go to Paleo Chef, and an overall amazing asset to the San Carlos CrossFit community.

So, here are the Rough Stats…

Where: San Carlos CrossFit, aka. the shop

When: Sunday, June 12th, 10am to Noon

What: Spring Meal Ideas and Prep (approx. 4 dishes),  Dessert, Take Home Recipes & Spice Mix, and EATing!!

Menu: Mashed Cauliflower w/Carmelized Onions, Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms w/Arugula & Spinach, Steak w/Peppercorn Sauce, Jerk Chicken, Coconut Milk Ice Cream


Let us know if you are interested by Friday. Class will be limited to 20 people. Send reply to

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you sign up, please bring your own tupperware containers to bring home any leftovers we may have.

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