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Marianne Jett has been a cupcake guru, collegiate rower, and now plays the role of supermom, all the while pushing the boundaries of her capacity.  After training with us for 18 months and safely losing 25 pounds, we got a chance to pick her brain for the kick off of our new column, Get to Know

San Carlos CrossFit: The SCCF pride is comprised of people living in many different locales. Where did you grow up and what are you doing here now in the bay area?

Marianne Jett: I grew up in L.A. and went to college on the east coast. I moved here for a job after school and never left.

SCCF: Jett Cakes was a successful and booming business, what made you shut it all down?

JETT: Oh gosh, this is a complicated one. I started the business hoping it would give me some flexibility and give me the ability to do something part time. The business turned into something much bigger than I imagined. I have three kids (7, 5 and 4) and I found myself not sleeping, not eating well, stressed and generally not taking care of myself. I started really listening to what you guys were telling me about diet, stress and sleep and it was kind of a perfect storm. So, I decided to close the business in January and haven’t looked back.

SCCF: You have a history in athletics. Tell us your most memorable moment.

JETT: Really hard to pick just one; riding my bike from SF to LA is probably at the top.

SCCF: With all the CrossFit and niche training facilities cropping up in the area, why us? And what got you started?

JETT: You are the closest! I started by taking a TRX class with Bre, before you guys opened the gym. She told me to give it a shot and I’ve been hooked on your program ever since.

SCCF: Tell the community one your biggest achievements since training with us, and where you want to be a year from now.

JETT: I’ll pick double unders, because it’s the most recent accomplishment and something I practiced day in and day out.  As for a year from now, what can I say, I’d like to be leaner, faster and stronger. Oh, and I’d love to be able to do a pull up without a band.

SCCF: That was a monumental day! If people only knew that jumping with your eyes closed and no rope actually held merit. For those of you new to the gym, double unders is a jump rope skill, where the rope passes twice, that has been known to make grown men weep.

SCCF: If a workout came up tomorrow that you dreaded the most, what would it be?

JETT: Fran or anything with overhead squats.

SCCF: We started this column to highlight members of our community and any hidden talents they may have. What ninja type skills would the community least likely guess you possessed?

JETT: I can play a decent volleyball game. Otherwise, I’m crazy about art history.

SCCF: If the paleo diet allowed all the beer and ice cream you could imagine, what flavors would they come in?

JETT: Tripel Karmeliet beer and hazelnut gelato.

SCCF: Many say it’s the bond of suffering together, which brings this community close to one another. Have you found this to be true? Any other new found friendships worth mentioning?

JETT: Absolutely- the only thing that motivates me to get to a crossfit class, especially the 6am one, are my friends! It’s no fun suffering alone.

SCCF: Through pain and hard work comes clarity and results. What inspires you to keep coming back for more?

JETT: The progress and milestones I’ve reached. Being able to do things I didn’t think I could.

SCCF: And I thought it was all the post workout stretching you love so much.

SCCF: Unknown and unknowable is a training principle we align ourselves with but you will often hear us nagging you to train with proper equipment. If you could recommend something to a new client looking to improve his dress code, what would it be?

JETT: Shoes. Even though I think I you guys sound like broken records, wearing flats makes a huge difference when lifting.

SCCF: Top 5 songs you would sync to our iPod for your next training session?

JETT: Beyonce Girls Run The World, Katy Perry TGIF, Tribe Called Quest Check the Rhime, N.E.R.D Rockstar, Lady Gaga, and Chris Brown Beautiful People

SCCF: We constantly preach the virtues of good sleep habits and ancestral type eating. Have you taken that step? What have you noticed most?

JETT: Yes, I ate a strict paleo type diet for a few months with pretty amazing results…weight loss, better sleep, more energy, PRs in the gym. I continue to eat as close to that as I can, I’m constantly trying to make healthy changes. I’ve become rather obsessed with getting enough sleep as well.

SCCF: If we found you kicking your feet up anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JETT: Maui

SCCF: Epic. And what book would you be reading?

JETT: Anything not about ancestral eating or child rearing (which is all I feel like I read these days!)…

SCCF: When you’re not down at our shop taming wolverines, what types of kinesthetic mischief would we find you celebrating in?

JETT: I’m not sure what this means; running or spinning are generally my other activities.

SCCF: Is training with us a family affair or are you the only exercise assassin of the bunch?

JETT: My 7 year old started your crossfit kids class this week.

SCCF: Training in so many different modalities almost certainly exposes weaknesses is a person’s skillsets. Since training with us, what has been the most surprising exposure for you?

JETT: There are too many to mention. I went from feeling like I couldn’t do anything when I started (back when you guys opened) and slowly feel like I’m making progress.

SCCF: And have there been any elated moments of newfound acquisition?

JETT: Once again, double unders. The strength gains have been pretty nice too.

SCCF: I don’t know about you but I am always thinking about my next meal. What’s for dinner tonight?

JETT: Steak!

SCCF: If we started taking up a collection fund at the box for you to be surgically modified with any superpower, would we find you banging out iron crosses for reps or cooking one of Amy’s paleo recipes with your eyes?

JETT: Levitation so I could do pull ups without a band!

SCCF: We’ve been putting together a new equipment list. Any special requests?

JETT: More rowing machines!

SCCF: Figures!

SCCF: If we want to know more what class would we most likely find you at?

JETT: 6am rocks!

SCCF: Leave us with 3 words.

JETT: No Shortcuts

SCCF: Did you just shortcut 3 words! Thanks for playing MJ.

– San Carlos CrossFit Staff


  1. luis says

    Marianne is a Rockstar!!!…
    Thank you for sharing Marianne.. It is awesome… And I miss the cupcakes :)


  2. Gwen says

    Even though I’ve never had one of her cupcakes (ahem), I’d like to take this opportunity to proclaim that Marianne is the best Sat workout buddy a punch carder could hope for. Hope you get your first pullup on a wknd!

  3. Rebekah says

    Marianne is an amazing inspiration!

    I remember coming in one day after not seeing her for a while, and I didn’t even recognize her!!! Her whole body went through such a major transformation in such a short time just by changing her diet.

    Marianne is always there working and progressing. She is my motivation and I tell her that all of the time.

    Marianne, what is your favorite meal or what would a typical daily meal plan look like for you?

  4. Marianne says

    Thanks for the kind words. I am seriously humbled by the amazing San Carlos crossfit family.

    Rebekah, my favorite meal (just ask my 7 year old) is eggs. I always have them around and I make frittatas or some other thing with them I can make in advance and take with me. Or hard boiled, etc. So, typically I have that for breakfast, some kind of protein with a salad for lunch and lately grilled steak or chicken for dinner. My favorite dessert is an apple with Amy’s Almond butter! The everday paleo book/site is awesome for meal inspiration as well.

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