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Introducing Oliver Gutierrez…many of you know him for his competitive attitude, tight hamstrings and fast workouts, but what you don’t know is that Oliver is an incredible compassionate human being, and as O.G. as it gets. He is a lawyer, a great athlete and a great friend.  He sets the pace in many of the workouts and keeping up with him is definitely a challenge.  Here is more about the Original…

San Carlos CrossFit: The SCCF pride is comprised of people living in many different locales. Where did you grow up and what are you doing here now in the bay area?

Oliver Gutierrez:   I was born and raised on the Peninsula – I’ve always lived in San Mateo County, even when I attended undergrad at U.C. Berkeley and law school at Santa Clara University.  My parents came to the U.S. when my mom was about 7 months pregnant.

I am an attorney and have been practicing law for almost 10 years.  I have my own practice and live in Redwood City.

SCCF: Have you always been athletic or has CrossFit been your introduction to human movement, in general? Tell us your most memorable moment before joining SCCF?

OG:  I have always been pretty active (except for a period of time between the ages of 18-21 during which I was unrecognizable), but never as consistent as I have been since I joined San Carlos CrossFit. Prior to joining, I completed three sprint triathlons, but my most memorable “athletic” moment before joining SCCF was when I obtained my black belt in 1997.

SCCF: Unrecognizable as in “I just didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to eat the whole pig?”

OG: No, unrecognizable as in “I just didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to eat the whole pig after I ate the whole fried chicken and bucket of ice cream.”

SCCF: With all the CrossFit and niche training facilities cropping up in the area, why us? And what got you started?

OG:  One word: Breanne.  She is the reason I learned about and joined you guys.  In 2009, I had started one-on-one training sessions with her at Pacific Athletic Club, during which she told me about her new endeavor, i.e., CrossFit.  I started training at SCCF with Breanne, after its doors just opened in early 2010 and eventually joined the group classes during the summer of 2010.

SCCF: Tell the community one your biggest achievements since training with us, and what your next goal is.

OG:  I am really proud about completing the trail runs and marathons, but as far as biggest achievements for me, they actually have been the little things, like finally mastering double-unders, kipping pull-ups, and completing my first muscle-up.  My next goal is to improve my flexibility and anything to do with squats.

SCCF: Rumor has it that you are training for an Ironman.  How did you get into that?

OG:  A four-letter word: Luis.   He is a great coach, mentor, and friend.  I am a goal-oriented person and the Ironman is one of the most challenging events and feats to accomplish; however, I do not think I would have ever attempted anything greater than an Olympic distance triathlon on my own and without Luis’ support.

SCCF: If a workout came up tomorrow that you dreaded the most, what would it be?

OG:  Anything to do with squats!

 SCCF: We started this column to highlight members of our community and any hidden talents they may have. What ninja type skills would the community least likely guess you possessed?

OG:  I have been the playing the piano since I was about 8 years old – so, I can play a song or two if you bring a keyboard to the gym.

 SCCF: That is indeed a hidden ninja talent, next time we have a get together you will have to bang out some note…For Time!

 SCCF: Many say it’s the bond of suffering together, which brings this community close to one another. Have you found this to be true? Any other new found friendships worth mentioning?

OG:   Yes and yes.  The sense of community and friendship are the reasons that make San Carlos CrossFit special to me.  We have a diverse and accomplished membership, and SCCF has brought us together.   It sounds corny but it is like a second family.  CrossFit now is a part of my life and lifestyle, and I definitely believe that I have made friendships here that will last a lifetime.

SCCF:  That certainly is corny, we love you too Oliver.  Does this also mean you can’t live without some of Jim’s loving?

OG:   Actually, I cannot live without any of your loving!!!  But I can live without Jim’s excessive sweating.

SCCF: Through pain and hard work comes clarity and results. What inspires you to keep coming back for more?

OG:   First and foremost, the coaches and members.  In terms of the workouts, I enjoy the constant variety and new challenges, and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish one of our more difficult WOD’s (most recently, Badger and Barbara come to mind) even if you were one of the last ones to complete it.  I also can see and feel the results of all of this hard work, which is definitely rewarding, as well.

SCCF: Unknown and unknowable is a training principle we align ourselves with but you will often hear us nagging you to train with proper equipment. If you could recommend something to a new client looking to improve his dress code, what would it be?

OG: ” Zapatos”… shoes are super important and each person has to find the right pair for him/her.

SCCF: Top 5 songs you would sync to our iPod for your next training session

 OG:  I like all kinds of music, but for training I prefer old school metal/rock from the 80’s: 1)Paradise City GNR  2) Master of Puppets Metallica 3) Back in Black ACDC 4) Hell Bent for Leather Judas Priest 5) Run to the Hills (great for trail running) Iron Maiden.

SCCF: We constantly preach the virtues of good sleep habits and ancestral type eating. Have you taken that step? What have you noticed most?

 OG:  I go to sleep much earlier than I used to…especially after a tough WOD.  My biggest challenge is harnessing my sugar cravings and the epic meals I have after some of our longer weekend training sessions with Luis.

SCCF:  Are the epic meals part of the “endurance” training you are undertaking?

OG: Sort of, they are part reward, part recovery, part indulgence, part fun!!!

SCCF: If we found you kicking your feet up anywhere in the world, where would it be? And what book would you be reading?

OG:  Anywhere in Hawaii (but preferably Kauai) or Venice, Italy… I’m currently reading Tom Rachman’s The Imperfectionists.

SCCF: When you’re not down at our shop taming wolverines, what types of kinesthetic mischief would we find you celebrating in?

OG:  My life pretty much revolves around work, CrossFit, and training for the Ironman Triathlon in September, but when I’m not engaged in those activities, I’m sitting at home playing my piano, playing with my puppy “Maui,” watching a movie, traveling, or hanging out with family/friends.

SCCF:  After the Ironman Triathlon, what else is in your bucket list?

OG:  Competing in the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, and different triathlons, not necessarily Ironman distance, throughout the world (i.e., Europe, Asia, Latin America); qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon; attending the 2014 World Cup in Brazil; writing and publishing a novel; completing a Ph.d. in History; obtaining my pilot’s license, etc…

SCCF: Training in so many different modalities almost certainly exposes weaknesses is a person’s skillsets. Since training with us, what has been the most surprising exposure for you? And have there been any elated moments of newfound acquisition?

OG:  I feel that my greatest weakness is my lack of flexibility, so any time that I make any improvement in that area, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  But again, getting double-unders down and completing my first muscle-up definitely were moments when I felt a sense of elation.

SCCF:  Has The SCCF Endurance team contributed to those moments of elation?

OG:  Absolutely!!!  When I am in the middle of one of our long training sessions, whether it’s a swim, bike or run, I experience a sense of elation (along with pain, discomfort, and sweat); and, during our races when we are approaching the finish line and spectators are cheering us on.

SCCF: If we started taking up a collection fund at the box for you to be surgically modified with any superpower, would we find you banging out iron crosses for reps or cooking one of Amy’s paleo recipes with your eyes?

OG:  Flexibility like a gymnast!!

SCCF: That just might be worth passing around the dish!

SCCF: We’ve been putting together a new equipment list. Any special requests?

OG:   More gear.  CrossFit bicycle/triathlon/running jerseys.

SCCF: If we want to know more what class would we most likely find you at?

OG:  5:30 p.m.

SCCF: Leave us with 3 words.

OG:  Always!!

SCCF:  That is One word, but OK!!


  1. Jimquick says

    Great interview Oliver! I just wanted to say that your competetitve attitude, strenght and accomplishments have been an inspiration. Thanks dude and appreciate all the tips and advise to be a better athlete and person!

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