get to know…Eugene Mandel

Meet our good friend Eugene.  He is has shown tremendous progress at our box,  through consistency and endless enthusiasm.   Let him tell us more about himself…

San Carlos CrossFit: The SCCF pride is comprised of people living in many different locales. Where did you grow up and what are you doing here now in the bay area?

Eugene Mandel: I was born in Russia and lived in Israel for quite a while before moving to California. Since then I have been either doing software development for other startups or working on my own. A shameless plug: check to compare free apps and software for achieving all kinds of tasks and find the best one for you.

 SCCF: Have you always been athletic or has CrossFit been your introduction to human movement, in general?

EM: I used to be active, but during the last couple of startups my lifestyle got to be pretty unhealthy – almost no exercise and a diet that was pretty much the exact opposite of Paleo.

SCCF: With all the CrossFit and niche training facilites cropping up in the area, why us? And what got you started?

EM: I kept hearing about CrossFit from several people for at least a year before I tried it myself, and the level of enthusiasm they spoke with was intriguing. That Groupon deal for the fundamentals class didn’t hurt either. Why San Carlos? It’s just 10 minutes from my home, so it makes the “I don’t have time” excuse less plausible. CrossFit was a perfect solution for several issues I had with regular gyms:

The classes are scheduled, so I don’t say that I’ll get to the gym after all work is done. WODs are different every day, so it never gets boring. The fact that the workouts are done in a group gives me an extra push when otherwise I would feel like cutting it short.

 SCCF: Tell the community one your biggest achievements since training with us, and where you want to be a year from now.

EM: The fact that I can do pull ups, for now with a band, feels like an achievement. It’s been a while since I could do that. In a year? Hopefully, get rid of the band.

SCCF: If a workout came up tomorrow that you dreaded the most, what would it be?

EM: Back squats immediately followed by sprints would do it.

SCCF: We started this column to highlight members of our community and any hidden talents they may have. What ninja type skills would the community least likely guess you possessed?

EM: I am a pretty good shot, or at least used to be. Not that it’s a type of skill I use in my line of work.

SCCF: If paleo allowed all the beer and ice cream you could imagine, what flavors would they come in?

EM: Wait… Paleo does not allow beer and ice cream?! It definitely would be Duvel and chocolate.

SCCF: Through pain and hard work comes clarity and results. What inspires you to keep coming back for more?

EM: A simple observation – I never feel worse after a workout than before it. Aching – yes, but never worse. Knowing this always helps me to take a break and go to CrossFit even on busy days.

SCCF: Top 5 songs you would sync to our iPod for your next training session

EM:  The corniest 80s and 90s pop you can imagine. Can’t listen to this stuff in any situation other than running.

SCCF: We constantly preach the virtues of good sleep habits and ancestral type eating. Have you taken that step? What have you noticed most?

EM: I definitely changed my diet, but did not get to a strict Paleo so far. Almost no sugar, processed stuff, and junk food, but I did not give up on cheeses and yogurt. The beef share is great, by the way!

SCCF: If we found you kicking your feet up anywhere in the world, where would it be? And what book would you be reading?

EM: Easter Island. As far as you can get away, just 3000 people on it and you can walk around it in less than a day. As for reading, I love Steven Pinker’s books about language and thought.

SCCF: When you’re not down at our shop taming wolverines, what types of kinesthetic mischief would we find you celebrating in?

EM: I am training for Surf City half marathon in Huntington Beach next February.

SCCF: I don’t know about you but I am always thinking about my next meal. What’s for dinner tonight?

EM: Braised lamb chops. They must be OK, since my neighbors asked what smelled so good (unless they were sarcastic).

SCCF: If we want to know more what class would we most likely find you at?

EM: Monday, Wednesday and Friday noon classes.


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