Introducing… Kris Lee

Kris Lee  is the one of the two new additions to our coaching staff.   He is teaching early morning classes.  He has a wholehearted passion for fitness, nutrition, and anything involved with health.  Growing up with two other brothers and a sister, he became absorbed in sports such as, but not limited to: tennis, cross country, baseball, swimming, basketball, snowboarding, rock climbing, soccer, and other various sports.  His main sport was soccer, which he started playing at a young age and played all the way through 1 year of community college.

His introduction to Crossfit came from a friend back in 2008, who decided to make him do Fran as rx’d on rings, which Kris had never used before.  The workout was miserable and it took him over 13 minutes, but he loved every minute of it and became instantly hooked.  Until this day, he continues to make daily progress in gymnastics, weightlifting, mobility and other activities and strives to do his best every time.  He has been a personal trainer for the past two years and is a knowledge seeker when it comes to health.  He loves to help his clients become faster, stronger, fitter, and more athletic.

In addition to his love for fitness, Kris received his undergraduate in Finance in 2008 from SJSU.  He loves to travel and has backpacked through parts of Europe, trekked through Asia and Southeast Asia, and explored South America.  Currently, he is back in school and pursuing a degree in Nursing.

Please say Hi to him next time you see him at the gym, make him feel welcome.

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