HGXFIT Holy Trinity!!


For an unathletic, self professed nerd, I have made a great amount of improvements in my physical life. Going from never exercising to exercising every day, I feel awesome, I feel healthy (more on that on a later post) and I feel thankful.

I don’t think I will on the cover of men’s fitness anytime soon, but I have learned a bit about what it takes to get in shape and most importantly remain in shape.  Although anybody will tell you that eating right and exercise will do the job there is a third component that nobody is talking about.

I call it the hidden treasure and together with diet and exercise, it forms what I call the CrossFit holy trinity.   What is it you might ask… and damn it.. I’ll tell you in minute..     Ok.. fine.. I’ll tell you now..   It is attitude…  (A settled way of thinking or feeling typically reflected in a person’s behavior).   What does that mean?   It means that for your transformation to become complete, you must exercise, you must eat right, and finally you must have the right attitude.   You combine those three and you have found the recipe for success.

Have you seen those people, I call them downers, who, even when things go well for them, manage to find something to complain about.  Or those that even before trying, they say.. No I can’t… or those that find something wrong with everything and everyone… don’t be one of those or I’ll hide your Facebook from my feed.

The point of this post is to make sure you work on your nutrition, your gym skills and just as important also work on attaining the right mind set as those together will make you a better person, a better athlete a better friend, husband, wife, partner, parent, etc.

As people, our lives are influenced and shaped by a bunch of factors… and relationships are definitely at the top of the list.  Our values, habits, behaviors, passions and attitudes are definitely learned by association with others.   Therefore, you want to change your attitude, hang out with people you want to emulate…

Eat right, Work out hard, and get in the right mindset… that is the CrossFit holy trinity!!

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