Thursday 03.21.13 – Taking care of your hands

The proper way to tape your hands to avoid ripping.  There is also a great video that describes the proper taping technique..  Click here to access it.

 Today’s workout  is one of those workouts that can be very hard on your hands.   CrossFitters often are proud of the fact that our workouts have bloodied our hands. “We’re such badasses! We’re SO hardcore!” but: IT IS NOT “COOL” TO HAVE CHUNKS OF OUR SKIN RIPPED FROM OUR HANDS, really. It freaking hurts,  I remember when I ripped my hands the first time, the day it happened I was very proud of my ripped skin,  but then I was out of commission for a while.   So I asked myself the question, is it worth it?   The answer is NO; therefore we all need to take care of our hands, before you draw first blood.   How? Just follow three main steps:

  • Use some chalk. Just enough to prevent slippage though!  Don”t go overboard.   Why?  Slippage causes friction, and friction causes calluses and tears.   Plus soggy sweaty skin tears easier.
  • Be aware. For example, you are pounding out pull ups and your hand feels awry.   Something is up.   If you keep going, as I am sure you can, I assure you that things are going to start going bad.   Drop off that bar, dry your hands, maybe get some chalk, and carry on.   Again, LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!
  • Tape it up! How?  Easy!  Sort of…  it does require a little arts and crafts skills, but this is by far the best taping method I have tried.  Is it a perfect solution?  Nope (and I don’t think there really is one), but it got me through 60+ of Angies pull ups (then it exploded off my hands)!:

Read the whole article here.


Skill T2B- 5 min
Then: 3 Rounds of: 5-15 T2B, 20 air squats
2K Row
3-5 Max Set DU UB rest as needed b/t sets
~ Rest
In Teams of 4-5
5 min AMRAP, 25 M Prowler (180/90)
Take care of your hands, Do NOT tear!


  1. […] Today is one of those days where, if you are not careful, you will tear your hands.  There is nothing cool about that, really.  It is said that  one of the  rights of passage at CrossFit  is “tearing” one’s hands.  It ranks up there with “what’s your Fran time?” It seems people have been tearing a bit more than usual at HGX as of late so I thought we remind you of take care of your hands.   Tearing is really not cool.  Nothing seems to be more counter intuitive than being proud about the fact that you have just sentenced yourself to a few missed days at the box and some horrible pain. We wrote a full length post a while ago regarding how to take care of your hands..  Please find it here.  […]