Tuesday 07.02.13

Whenever we do something and we do it only good enough to get by, there is never a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction, while we are doing it, nor even when we have finished.

I was talking to a current member today.   She has made incredible progress.  During my time at SCCF I have seen four different types of people.

Type A: People that don’t need motivation.

Type B:  People that listen and make awesome progress.

Type C: People that listen but don’t make an effort to gain progress.

Type D:  People that don’t listen and don’t make progress.

We are all are in one of those categories, but the question is,  in which category are you?  I personally would love to be in the type A category, but the reality is that I need the motivation to make progress so I am in type B.  Which type of athlete are you?    You need to know where you are and strive to move to the next level .   So, listen to the coaches, their biggest interest is your progress.

Clean & Jerk max of day
AMRAP 7 min
7 Deadlift 315/205
14 alt. Pistols
21 Double Unders
10 Min Mobility and Flexibility
Lat and Delt stretch w/ band attached on pull up bar
hold 1min each side.
-Hand in band take steps back palm up head down. (body facing the pull up bar)
-Elbow in band take step forward (body facing away from pull up bar)