Tuesday 07.09.13

The bear will turn your Beast mode on!!

Within every person there lies a beast – strong, resilient and full of life.   Today is the day to unleash the Beast..    You probably met your beast before; It’s that little voice inside you that says “I can do better”.  Think of the proudest moment of your life,  the moment you reached  your biggest accomplishment,… How did that feel?  Yep, that is the beast you need to unleash today and always.. Your beast is the voice that wants you to realize how strong you really are.  Your beast is the voice that is pushing you to go faster, to go further and to get stronger.   It’s the voice that wants to live life and have fun.

Discover it, train it, unleash it…

3 Sets
2 Power clean + 1 Sq. Clean
70% of Sq. Clean *work on form
(squat clean-thruster-back squat- OH-press)
Perform one bear complex every 30 sec. for 15 minutes
*30 Rounds Total
pick a weight you can do but make it challenging