Wednesday 04.23.14


So I am a coffee addict,  where I come from we get to drink coffee from an early age and it is also known that hospitals use it instead of blood transfusions (jk).   I used to drink mine with a little bit of cream and during the paleo challenge last month I couldn’t use cream anymore so I searched for an option.   I now addicted to coconut oil coffee.   This is often known by the name “Bulletproof Coffee,”  It often uses grass-fed butter that’s rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 acids and vitamin K2 (which helps gives your immunity a boost), plus coconut oil, which may help increase energy levels and reduce cholesterol (and possibly even help you burn more fat). The result is a frothy coffee drink that lots of people say taste a lot like a latte.  My version uses just coffee, organic coconut oil (from Trader Joe’s) and sometimes coconut sugar.   Here is how I make it!!

  • Prepare the coffee
  • Add 1 tbsp. organic coconut oil -
  • Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for  30 seconds.
  • Drink it!

These days I add some hot water to the blender to warm it up.   Once the coffee is prepared, I dump the hot water and replace it with the fresh coffee.  Once it is blended, the coffee will be hot, which is the way I love it.

Try it.. it is freaking awesome.


Weighted Pull-ups
5x3 AHAP
4 Rounds w/ Partner
Max Bench Press (165/95)
Max Pull ups Strict
15 Med Ball Throws (20/14)
Anchored feet w/ DB

Tuesday 04.22.14

Today-Kill-it-Today (1)
Back Squat: -
Every 30 seconds for 4:00 minutes –
1 rep @ 85% (8 total reps)
21-15-9 DL (225/155)
Then 250m Farmer Walk
10 Min Mobility and Flexibility
Lacrosse ball work on Gluts, Hamstrings,
IT Band, Hip Flexer, Shoulder, Pectoral, Traps.

Monday 04.21.14

Squat Snatch 4x5-
60,65,70,75 1RM
Alt Sledgehammer Strikes
Handstand Holds
Sit Ups
Then 3x10 Each arm Prone plate circles

Thursday 04.17.14


Guys remember we have a meat share event coming up soon.   If you haven’t signed up to get some quality grass fed meat do it today.  the deadline to sign up and pay is this coming Friday, so get on it.

Prather Ranch is best known for its premium dry-aged natural beef program. The philosophy that drives this operation is “a deep understanding of the importance of low stress cattle handling, responsible stewardship of the land and a desire to provide a stable and satisfying life for those who work on the ranch.” This creates a “win-win-win” situation – the cattle live in an ideal environment, the ranch practices ecologically progressive and sustainable farming and ranching methods, and the customers are guaranteed they are receiving the most wholesome, sustainably raised beef available.



Seated DB Press-
5x8 (arms together)
work up to something heavy
12 Min AMRAP
3 Push Press (135/95)
7 Front Squats
1 Rope Climb (SUB 3 Rope Pull ups)
Then 3x10 BB Side Bends