Wednesday 04.23.14


So I am a coffee addict,  where I come from we get to drink coffee from an early age and it is also known that hospitals use it instead of blood transfusions (jk).   I used to drink mine with a little bit of cream and during the paleo challenge last month I couldn’t use cream anymore so I searched for an option.   I now addicted to coconut oil coffee.   This is often known by the name “Bulletproof Coffee,”  It often uses grass-fed butter that’s rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 acids and vitamin K2 (which helps gives your immunity a boost), plus coconut oil, which may help increase energy levels and reduce cholesterol (and possibly even help you burn more fat). The result is a frothy coffee drink that lots of people say taste a lot like a latte.  My version uses just coffee, organic coconut oil (from Trader Joe’s) and sometimes coconut sugar.   Here is how I make it!!

  • Prepare the coffee
  • Add 1 tbsp. organic coconut oil -
  • Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for  30 seconds.
  • Drink it!

These days I add some hot water to the blender to warm it up.   Once the coffee is prepared, I dump the hot water and replace it with the fresh coffee.  Once it is blended, the coffee will be hot, which is the way I love it.

Try it.. it is freaking awesome.


Weighted Pull-ups
5x3 AHAP
4 Rounds w/ Partner
Max Bench Press (165/95)
Max Pull ups Strict
15 Med Ball Throws (20/14)
Anchored feet w/ DB

Tuesday 04.22.14

Today-Kill-it-Today (1)
Back Squat: -
Every 30 seconds for 4:00 minutes –
1 rep @ 85% (8 total reps)
21-15-9 DL (225/155)
Then 250m Farmer Walk
10 Min Mobility and Flexibility
Lacrosse ball work on Gluts, Hamstrings,
IT Band, Hip Flexer, Shoulder, Pectoral, Traps.

Monday 04.21.14

Squat Snatch 4x5-
60,65,70,75 1RM
Alt Sledgehammer Strikes
Handstand Holds
Sit Ups
Then 3x10 Each arm Prone plate circles