Wednesday 03.04.15


The next Open workout 15.2 will be announced this Thursday at 5:00PM. Just like last week we will be playing the live announcement at the gym on Thursday evening. Everyone is welcome. Who do you think will win this head to head challenge between @mich_letendre and @emilybridgers?

Power Clean+Push Jerk 3x(1+1) @ 70%
2x(1+1) @75%
AMRAP 15min
1 C&J (L2135/95, L1 115/75)
1 Round of CINDY
2 C&J
1 Round of CINDY
3 C&J
1 Round of CINDY
*CINDY=5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats
*Continue to add 1 C&J after every round of CINDY

Tuesday 03.03.15


We have some unfortunate news. This week will be coach Ruben’s last week of coaching at HGX. He has been offered an amazing opportunity he can’t pass up. His military background with his extensive knowledge about fitness and exercise along with his dynamic personality makes him an excellent coach and personal trainer. He will be missed. Best of luck Ruben! 

Back Squats 5x3@70%
5 Rounds
100m OH Plate Lunges (L2 45/35, L1 35/25)
1 Rope Climb (SUB 3K2E)
3x10 Partner Glut Ham Raise

Monday 03.02.15


The first Open workout 15.1 is over. Make sure if you are registered that you enter your final score before 5 PM today (Monday). Any scores entered after will not be valid. 15.2 will be announced Thursday night at 5:00pm and the entire gym will be performing it on Friday.

Strict Weighted Pull ups 4x8-10
EMOM 10 Min
3 DL (L2 275/225 L1 225/165)
at 10:00 Min
Ab-Mat Sit ups

Saturday 02.28.15


Want another shot at 15.1? We will be at the gym tomorrow, Saturday at 7:00am. There is still regular class at 9:00am and open gym 10-11:00am. Or if you want to come in Sunday at 8:30-10:00am that is also an option. Yoga at 10:00am.

In teams of two, AMRAP 25 Min
30 Hand release pushups
30 wall balls (20/14)
30 renegade rows (35/25)
30 DB walking lunges (35/25)

Friday 02.27.15


The Open has started. If you’re signed up you will need to have a judge recording your reps. Your judge can be anybody from the class. We will go over the movements and then perform the workout. Once you complete the work out you will then enter your score into the CrossFit games site. Good luck everyone!

Open Workout 15.1
AMRAP 9min
15 T2B
10DL (115/75)
5 Snatches
6min to find max C&J