Thursday 10.30.14


PHOTO-Coach Patrick preforming some power snatches at the Moxie Maddness competition 2014.

Part of what makes our gym so great is the community and family that we have built. Some of the members and trainers enjoy bringing their furry love ones into the gym and it contributes to the tight knit community. However, this is no longer an option. The landlord has just informed us that DOGS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED on the premises. We are sorry but this means that you can no longer bring your four legged companion to the gym. Apparently there has been several instances with dog feces left around the building and not being properly cleaned up.

Many of our trainers own dogs and enjoy bringing them to work. Furthermore, please be respectful of other members in the gym, our neighbors and our training space.

Power Snatch - 3x5@70%
4 Rounds
15 Supine Bar Rows
250m Run
60 DU (SUB 60 Singles+30 DU Attempts)
*L2 all DU have to be unbroken sets. If a set is broken you must start at zero.
*Record your score. We will be doing this workout again

Wednesday 10.29.14


Coach Tommy working on his snatch high pulls

Snatch High-Pull - 5x3@70% (of snatch)
2 Rounds
25 DL (L2 245/165, L1 185/145)
35 Barbell Roll Outs
10 Wall Walks (start with 1 push up, touch chest to wall and end with chest on the ground.)

Tuesday 10.28.14


Halloween is coming up this Friday (Oct 31st) please be aware that our 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30pm classes that day will be canceled. All morning classes will be as regularly scheduled.

3-Position Sq. Clean (floor, below knee, above knee) + Jerk
-@ 60%, 65%, 70%, 70%,
80 Wall Ball (L2 20/14, L1 16/12)
60 Bench Press (L2 115/75, L1 95/65)
40 Alt Pistols
20 OHS (L2 155/105, L1 125/85)

Monday 10.27.14


Coach Nicole representing at the Barbell for Boobs fundraiser, Oahu Hawaii.

Front Squat - 5x3@70%
3 Rounds
5 MU (5 C2B pullups+5 Dips)
10 Sq. Cleans (L2 135/95, L1 115/75)
20 Box Jumps 24/20''