Thursday 04.02.15


Friday is the Post Open Potluck/BBQ. Bring something to share and or a drink of your choice. We will fire up the grill right after the last class on Friday at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome.
This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month and that means that we will have our Fitness For Free class offered at 10:00am. If you know anyone that is interested bring them by for their first CrossFit experience.
This Sunday yoga will be canceled due to Easter but back on the following Sunday at 10:00am. You know you need some yoga in your life. So see you the following Sunday.

Back Squat 1x20
@last week’s weight or about @ 60-70 1RM Rest 5 minutes.
Back Squat 1x15 @last week’s weight
3 Rounds
5 One arm DB Thrusters (L2 50/30, 40/20#)
(5 R & 5 L) 5 Burpee Box Jumps Overs 24/20

Wednesday 04.01.15


It is April 1st already and The Open is over. Come this Friday for our Post Open Party. It has been five long weeks of hard work and now it’s time to celebrate. We will be firing up the grill and hanging out starting after the last Friday class at 6:30 PM. Bring something to share and or a drink of your choice. Everyone is welcome. Also we will be having a special guest visiting from Oregon.

Find 1RM Jerk
4 Rounds
100m sprint
3 Muscle-Ups
(SUB 3 Pull ups & 3 Dips)
5 Power Snatches (L2 135/95, L1 115/75#)
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Tuesday 03.30.15


Easter Sunday yoga will be canceled but back on the next Sunday at 10:00am. Get your stretch on!

3 Rounds
20 DU
(SUB 40 Singles +10 attempts of DU)
10 S2OH
(L2 135/95, L1 115/75#) Rest :20sec b/t rounds
Ball Slams (L2 40/20, 20/10#)

Rest 2 minutes

 12-9-6 Sit-up (L2 GHD)

(SUB DB Press) Rest 2 minutes

12-9-6 Box Jumps (24/20”)
HR Push-up

Monday 3.30.15


The Open is officially over today at 5 PM. Don’t forget to submit your final score. Each year during The Open it is so great to see everyone bring their training to another level. To celebrate everyone’s hard work this Friday, after the last class, 6:30pm we will have a party/barbecue. If you participated in The Open or not bring something to share and a drink of your choice. Everyone is welcome.

Back Squat 6x1
@ 80-90% 1RM
KB Swing (L2 53/35, 44/26#)
1 C&J (L2 225/145, L1 155/105#)
200 m Run after each Couplet
protect hands