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Welcome to Home Grown CrossFit where our goal is to better your health, increase your performance, and put a smile on your face. Here at Home Grown CrossFit fitness is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are out of shape or competing at the highest level. Our program and movements are scalable and adapted to your skill level and ability. Unlike most gyms we require that you work with a trainer. We believe that quality coaching helps you achieve better results and prevents injury. We offer private and scheduled group training. We have group sessions six days a week. Private and special group training can be arranged through your trainer. Each and every member of the Home Grown CrossFit staff is genuinely dedicated and passionate about bringing these positive changes to you.

Becoming a Member of Home Grown CrossFit

Feel free to drop-in during scheduled class times and observe a class in action. For the best chance at success, as well as for your health and safety, Home Grown CrossFit requires you to complete our Fundamentals Series or private sessions to correct deficiencies before you join a regular Level 1 CrossFit class. Experienced movers and/or CrossFitters are welcome to test in to these classes directly; contact us for more detail. Previous CrossFit experience does not guarantee eligibility to regular CrossFit classes. You first need to be evaluated by a trainer, who will determine your preparedness or need for participation in a Fundamentals class or private sessions to correct deficiencies. (See Schedule when classes begin)

What is the Fundamentals Series?

This is how you start, and learn what our facility is all about.  For all new members, we require completion of  a set of sequential classes that takes place on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 6:30 pm. This will take place over a maximum of 9 sessions. The classes will introduce you to the fundamental movement and exercise programming that we use as a foundation here at Home Grown CrossFit. The sessions are coached by a certified CrossFit trainer to ensure you are taught these movements with proper form and mechanics.   After successful completion of your Fundamentals series,  a trainer will discuss your options, which may include personal training, or one of several membership options that give you access to our group fitness classes.  If you have previous CrossFit experience, contact us on how to test out of the Fundamentals series.  Do you have any more questions?  Please send an email to

You MUST start the fundamentals series on the following dates


6:30 PM
April 28th
May 19th
 June 9th
 June 30th

The Fine Print:

1) The Fundamental program is 9 sessions, its cost is $200
2) You must attend 8 of the 9 session. If you miss more than 1 session you have to schedule a private session that will cost $50.
3) Days 6, 7 and 9 are mandatory. If 1 of these days is missed it will result in a make up private session that will cost $50.
4) If you do not complete all 8 sessions or do not attend 1 of the mandatory days you will not complete the fundamental program and will not be allowed to join the regular classes until you do.
5)  Please do not be late , if you are late more than 15 minutes, that session will be counted as an absence and you will need to schedule a private class.
6)  You are required to pass a final test.   You won’t be allowed to join the regular classes until you pass the final test.  If you fail, you need to retake the exam in a private session.


Details will be given at the first day of the series.

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