Monday 09.31.12


8 Reasons Boomers Should Try CrossFit

I recently came across this great article about why Baby boomers should CrossFit.  I copied the 8 reasons below,  but you should read the whole article here

1. You can start at zero.
2. You’ll skyrocket your metabolism.
3. You’ll tone all over (but don’t have to get bulky).
4. You can start slow.
5. It’ll give a boost to your social life.
6. You’ll become a better parent.
7. It keeps joints happy.
8. You’ll reduce your risk of injury.

Clean Pulls 4x3 Work up to 110% 1RM Clean
Team Kalsu
100 Thrusters (135/95) for time On the min.
every min perform 5 Burpees
(start with 5 burpees)Alt each min with partner until finished

Saturday 09.30.12


Warming up is a preparatory phase that most athletes do, or should.  Don’t skip this,  warming up is actually one of the most efficient ways to ensure we avoid injuring ourselves (which can in itself prove a large set back for our training goals).

4 Rounds
100 Jump rope singles
22 Sumo Deadlift high pulls (75/55 #s)
22 back extensions
22 Pushups
11 each arm KB snatch (53/36 #s)

Friday 09.28.12

photo 1
Jerks- choose which jerk you will perform for Donkey Kong
4x3 work up to something heavy
Hang PwrCleans (155/105)
Bar Muscle-ups(Sub S2B pullups)

Thursday 09.27.12


Did you guys know that Rope Climbing was an Olympic event but was removed from that venue after the 1932 Games.  It took  CrossFit to bring rope climbing back into the spot light.  Enjoy the climbs..

4 minutes of Lsits 30 seconds on/30 sec. off
3x12 T2B
Ropes Gone Bad
3 Rounds-1 Min each exercise max Reps
Battle Ropes
Rope Climb/ 3Rope pull-ups
Tire Flips
-Plank if oddnumber of ppl
Make sure you bring long socks or pants, rope rash can be nasty.

Wednesday 09.26.12


What if it were possible to achieve the core and abdominal strength of a world class gymnast. Well guess what – it is possible to do it if you master the L-Sit.

  • With bent knees. You can start with this version if you feel you are lacking the strength or hamstring flexibility to do the movement with straight legs.
  • With straight legs. Once you are comfortable doing the L-sit with your knees bent, try the straight leg version. The farther your legs are from your body, the tougher it is.

There you have it. There are now no excuses not to build yourself a brick breaking set of abs.


Bent Over Rows 3x8 AHAP
1 Mile Run
10-1 Burpees, Situps
1 Mile Run
AHAP= as heavy as possible