Saturday 07.21.12

Skill: Agility Ladder
Partner Workout w/  Ball

Wall Ball to Partner 10
800m Run
Ball Slams 10!
400m Run
Ball Full Sit ups 10
Ball Sit up Passes 10
Ball Side Tosses Right 10
Ball Side Tosses Left 10
200m Run
Ball Kicks Both Legs
Ball Kicks Right Leg 10
Ball Kicks Left Leg 10

PNF Partner stretching

Friday 07.20.12

For the Awesome people that keeps us safe!!   This one is for you!!

DL Work up to 1RM

2 Mile Run (>16min)
Max Push ups (35+)
Max Sit ups in 2min (60+)
Max Strict Pull ups
20yd Dummy Drag/ Prowler
Push (165#)