Friday 10.24.14


Don’t get WOD drunk
Anything look familiar? All these items were found in the gym. Make sure to grab the clothes you came in wearing or took off during the workout before you leave. Pick up your water bottles, wrist wraps and weight belts. Put away the equipment you used and clean it if you left your juice all over it. These might be things you normally do but after a tough workout somehow you seem to be forgotten. What does this mean, you are WOD Drunk.

WOD Drunk (adj.): people so jacked up from trying to “score more points” that they don’t know who or what they are anymore.”

Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) “Men will die for points.” This means we put point and/or time values on workouts as a generic way to monitor our power output. Simply put, go faster, lift more weight, or score more points and your power output is increased. Write those scores where others can see them or train alongside others doing the same thing and everyone steps it up.
People will push themselves to the limits of their physical ability to get a better score. If the goal is to always be faster and score more points. This is great in many ways to build our physical and mental strength but can be counterproductive in some aspects.
People may get nauseous. They might have to stop, they run to the restroom or outside. They speak incoherently. They are performing movements with horrible technique, and they are unresponsive to coaching cues. Sometimes, even a puking session is involved. After the workout, people forget a range of items in the gym when they stumble out. Shirts, shoes, cellphones, sunglasses, water bottles, wrist wraps, weight belt, jackets and jewelry can all be found in the lost and found at any given time. If an athlete is consistently hitting WOD Drunk, it’s time to start making some changes in their workouts. Simple things like turning off the clock, adding rest intervals, and doing team workouts instead of individual workouts are a great way to reel people back in.

Of course, alcohol drunk is all good….in moderation.
So how WOD Drunk are you before you leave the gym? Sober up!

Overhead Squat - 5x3@70%
2 Rounds
100ft Walking Lunges
50 ft. Handstand Walk
(SUB Hold Handstand on wall and lift hands off slightly for 1min or 1min just hold handstand position)
25 Push Press (L2 115/75, L1 95/65) (no jerks)
15 Cal Rowing*(50ft=pull up to the wall)

Thursday 10.23.14


If you did not know our program is not just for adults, we offer kids classes as well. Kids Fitness is a program designed specifically to meet the special neurological, cognitive and motor needs of children. One of the most important aspects of our Kids Fitness classes is that they are FUN! Kids will look forward to coming to class, and will learn that “exercise” is interesting, fun, and worth doing. Our classes are designed to get kids moving properly and under control. They will enhance their coordination and agility, increase flexibility, build strength, power and confidence. All movements are age appropriate and the 45min workouts have been designed specifically by our trainers for children. Age ranges are from 8 -13 year olds. This program is offered on a monthly basis.

Push Jerk - 5x3@60% (of split jerk)
3 Rounds
10 DL (L2 275/185, L1 225/155)
50 DU (SUB 50 Singles+25 DU Attempts)
3x10 Plate sit-ups (AHAP)

Wednesday 10.22.14


To the man that has the best sound effects, best sayings, best facial hair, and who picked the best day ever to be born on a big happy birthday goes out to the one and only, Tommy Ward. Tommy, I hope you have a great birthday.


Power Clean - 5x3@70%
4 Rounds
400m Run
25 Ab mat Sit ups
25 (L2 Hip Extensions GHD L1 Supermans)
100m one arm bottom up KB walking. Right arm down left arm back. (Shoulder stability)

Tuesday 10.21.14


For those of you who missed Yoga this passed weekend don’t worry because it will be help every Sunday at 10:00am. While yoga may not incorporate the high intense elements like a CrossFit workouts, it does use our entire body in a different way than we usually use in the gym. Today we may be working on the quick explosive movement of the snatch and this weekend in your yoga practice; you could be working on shoulder stability and flexibility. This stability and flexibility will transfer into your Olympic lifts. Who doesn’t want a better snatch? Come this weekend and try it out.

Remember if you are planning to perform the rope climbs wear tall socks or something to protect your shins.

Push Press - 5x5@70%
6 Rounds
3 Sq. Snatches
(L2 155/105, L1 125/85)
2 Rounds of CINDY
(CINDY= 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Squats)
1 Rope Climbs
(SUB 3 Rope K2E)
35min Time Cap