Saturday 12.06.14


HGX holiday party!

Hungover WOD
Teams of two.
400m run together.
100 KB swings
100 wall balls
100 push press 95/65
100 Sit ups.
400m run together
1 person works at a time. Every two minutes - 1 teammate does 1 rope climb.

Friday 12.05.14


Santa, Mrs. Clause and the Elves Costume, Potluck BBQ Party
Halloween isn’t the only holiday tailor-made for dress-up. Hit up a costume store or make a Santa suit, Mrs. Claus or even an elf ensemble. Tonigt Friday December 5th at 8:30pm come to the gym dress in your best version of what Santa, his wife or his elves would look like. To ensure proper participation, we will award the best dressed Kris Kringle, Mrs. Claus or elf costume with a prize.

Also we will be doing a Re-gifting -the act of handing off one of your previously received unwanted gifts to someone else. Come with one of last Christmas’ cast-offs — a leopard-print Snuggie, an automatic-twirling spaghetti fork, or a hot-pink clip-on tie. Make sure your gift is wrapped. We will play a version of “White Elephant,” where people can pick from the pile or steal someone else’s new acquisition. One person’s trash is another’s recycling!

30 C2B pull ups
400m Run
15 OHS (L2 135/95, L1 115/75)
800m Run
15 OHS
400m Run
30 C2B Pull ups

Thursday 12.04.14


If you are looking for a post workout formula, try SFH Recovery. We are fully stocked with 3 different flavors. Vanilla Chocolate and the new favorite Peach Mango.
Sometime after a workout, you will feel like you’ve recovered but at the cellular level it could take hours / days to recover fully. This formula is designed to re-energize your cells by increasing your ATP levels (Adenosine Triphospate- the energy powerhouse of the cell).
Within an hour after your workout, mix yourself up a glass of Recovery Formula. Then, either eat a real meal or drink another glass about two hours later. The purpose is to re-energize your tired muscles and help them recover, maintain joint health and flexibility and decrease the negative effects of free radical oxidants. A muscle cell reloaded with ATP will make new muscle quickly.
Recovery is approximately 2/3 whey concentrate derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones and approximately 1/3 essential amino acids for recovery.

Push Jerk - 5x2@60% (of split jerk)
2 Rounds
50 Air Squats
25 sit ups
15 Clean & Jerk (L2 135/95, L1 115/75)
3x20 Russian Twists (10 each side, 20 total)

Wednesday 12.03.14


Get your wall balls on!

Power Clean - 5x2@70%
4 Rounds
25ft Handstand Walk
(SUB Hold Handstand on wall and lift hands off slightly for 1min or 1min just hold handstand position)
20 Wall Ball (L2 20/14, L1 16/12)
15 T2B
S2OH (L2 155/105, L1 125/85)
*25ft=from pull up bar to post

Tuesday 12.02.14


If you don’t know what this Friday is, you should! It is our annual Holiday Party, Dec 5th at 8:30pm at HGX. Come dressed as either Santa Claus, Mrs. Clause or an elf. It will be potluck style and we will have the grill going. Bring your favorite Paleo or non-Paleo dish to share. We’ll also have a white elephant game, so bring a wrapped gift (or re-gifted item). Significant others and friends are always welcome. Come join in the fun.
Also remember the next day Saturday, Dec 6th is our bring a friend Fitness 4Free class at 10:00-11:00 AM. If you know someone that is thinking about starting but hasn’t experienced a class this is their chance. Bring them on in.

Push Press - 3x3@70%
3 Rounds
50 DU (50 Singles + 25 DU Attempts)
400m Run
25 Hang Power Snatch (L2 65/45, L1 55/35)