Wednesday 08.20.14


The plank helps to strengthen and protect your back. This great core-training exercise also conditions your abdominal muscles. The abdominals, obliques and back muscles make up your core. Core-training exercises strengthen the muscles that stabilize your torso. A strong core supports your spine, internal organs, posture and the power of all your movements.

Shoulder Press 3x10 (65%)
1000M Run
5 rounds
20 ab mat sit-ups
10 Push Ups
1 Min Plank Holds
1000M Run

Tuesday 08.19.14


Hope everyone has been working on their double unders.

15 Min to find
Max Clean & Jerk
DL (L2 185/125 L1 155/105)
Power Cleans
*after each round perform 20 DU

Saturday 08.16.14


The first day of Moxie Madness starts Saturday at Spartan Stadium in San Jose. This is a great team competition where TJ, Coach Patrick Coach Lisa and Coach Breanne will be representing HGX. Coach Nicole and Devon will be competing as well but on separate teams. Come by and cheer them on.

Teams of 3
tag team style
25 min amrap
5 dead lifts
225/185 or 155/115 or 135/95
10 box jumps 20/24
10 Kb snatch 55/35 or 35/26
*one person completes a station then tags a team mate who completes the next station

Friday 08.15.14


Coach Nicole getting down her butterfly pull-ups. Remember Nicole as well as Lisa, Patrick TJ, Devon and myself will be competing in Moxie madness this weekend at San Jose State event center this Saturday and Sunday.

Back Squats
3 Rounds
10 S2OH
(L2 135/95
L1 115/75)
15 Pull ups
20 Jumping Squats