Tuesday 04.07.15


Get excited the new Wodify system is almost ready.
When we began the gym about five years ago there wasn’t many options for tracking membership and accounts; however now there is. Soon we will be implementing a new system to keep track of all our membership accounts as well as you will have the ability to track your progress and records. This new system is called Wodify. HGX is excited to use this new system. Here is a brief description of Wodify:
Wodify is a CrossFit digital whiteboard system that will allow you to register for class, record workouts and remember past performance.

It’s a GAME CHANGER. Wodify will rank each class in a real time Leaderboard fashion, performances can be checked throughout the day from computers or mobile phones. Just when athletes thought they could not be more OBSESSED with CrossFit, enter Wodify.

General Information

It is a great way to track results. Wodify transforms our whiteboard from a destination to a true data experience. Wodify technology records performance metrics, allows you to track your diet, remembers strength and metcon benchmarks, includes affiliate management tools and saves space in our box.

Using Wodify is as easy as 3, 2, 1, GO!

-Athletes can register for class via smart phones or the keyboard under the two Wodify screens, one detailing the Workout, one serving as the Coachboard.

-Wodify gives each athlete a mental goal to meet and beat by remembering all past strength and benchmark metcon performance.

-Post Workout, athletes enter their results for both strength and metcon.

GO! Wodify celebrates PRs with digital ribbons next to the athlete’s name. These ribbons are seen as athletes check in to view the results of the day!

In a quest to be ranked amongst the Rxd athletes of the day, Wodifers are reporting ditched pull up bands, heavier loads, and more virtuosity in all movements. Wodify also offers a section to describe any necessary scale so athletes can compare themselves to others with like performance.

10 minutes to find heaviest C&J
then OTM for 7 min
1 C&J (work on technique)
12 sets of 5 weighted pull ups
at heaviest weight possible
rest :30 seconds between sets

Monday 04.06.15


Hope everyone had a great Easter. Normal schedule all day today.

OTM for 7 min
1 Strict press @ 90% 1RM
2 Rounds of
max rep unbroken T2B
rest 1 minute
max rep unbroken KBS (53/36lbs)
rest 1 minute
max rep unbroken HSPU
rest 1 minute

Saturday 04.04.15

Spend 5 minutes on each skill
Handstands/HS hold/HS walk
Muscle-ups/transition work
pullups & dips
Teams of two, complete:
Three rounds for time (time cap 25 minutes)
50 KB snatches (L2: 53/35, L1: 44/26)
50 burpees
50 goblet squats (L2: 53/35, L1: 44/26)
50 pull-ups
50 alternating reverse lunges

Friday 04.03.15


Tonight after last class at 6:30 PM the barbecue/potluck will begin. Come join in the fun to celebrate the end of The Open or just that it is Friday.

EMOM for 8 minutes
3 DL (L2 315/215, L1 265/160#)
1 Rope Climb
3 Rounds
5 Front Squat (L2 185/135, L1 155/115#)
(SUB DB Press)
9 T2B (SUB K2E)
2 Minute Rest

1 Round
1200m Run
100 DU
(SUB 200 Singles + 50 attempts of DU)
2 Minute Rest

4 Rounds
10 Wall ball (L2 20/14, L1 16/12#)
20 HR Pushups

Thursday 04.02.15


Friday is the Post Open Potluck/BBQ. Bring something to share and or a drink of your choice. We will fire up the grill right after the last class on Friday at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome.
This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month and that means that we will have our Fitness For Free class offered at 10:00am. If you know anyone that is interested bring them by for their first CrossFit experience.
This Sunday yoga will be canceled due to Easter but back on the following Sunday at 10:00am. You know you need some yoga in your life. So see you the following Sunday.

Back Squat 1x20
@last week’s weight or about @ 60-70 1RM Rest 5 minutes.
Back Squat 1x15 @last week’s weight
3 Rounds
5 One arm DB Thrusters (L2 50/30, 40/20#)
(5 R & 5 L) 5 Burpee Box Jumps Overs 24/20
rest 2 min
DB Renegade Rows
Toes 2 Bar