Saturday 11.15.14

5 Min Handstand Practice
5min bar muscle-ups
5mins L-sits, L-hangs
20 min AMRAP w/partner
40 kb swings 53/35
30 wallballs 20/14
20 pullups
10 burpee over partner

Friday 11.14.14


With all the pressing we do it is a good idea to get some pulling in as well.

5 Snatch Push Press + 1 Overhead Squat
x 5 sets @75% (of sn or ohs)
4 Rounds
15 Supine Bar Rows
250m Run
60 DU (60 DU + 30 Attempts)
*Faster then on 10/30 50 Burpee penalty if slower
*L2 all DU have to be unbroken sets. If a set is broken you must start at zero.

Thursday 11.13.14


Be safe! protect your hands.

Power Snatch - 5x3@75%
4 Rounds
21 Wall Ball (L2 20/14, L1 16/12)
18 Pull ups
15 Ball Slams (40/20)
12 HSPU (DB Presses)
*Protect hands

Wednesday 11.12.14

Let me tell you about CrossFit. CrossFit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritzing your health. The ability to do many different things at a high level of intensity.

Snatch High-Pull - 5x3@75% (of sn)
3 Rounds
21 KBS (L2 53/35, L1 44/26)
15 T2B
9 Clean & Jerks (L2 135/95, L1 115/75)

Tuesday 11.11.14


Today is Veterans Day the official United States holiday that honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, also known as veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11. Even though we will not be performing a hero workout we will be practicing some rope climbs.

ROPE CLIMBS: Your best bet to avoid a rope burn on your legs is to wear long socks, shin skins or pants. Please dress appropriately if you will be performing this movement.

3-Position Sq. Clean
(above knee,below knee, floor )
+ Jerk - 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 75%
3 Rounds
15 OHS (L2 135/95, L1 115/75)
20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
2 Rope Climbs (SUB 6 Rope K2E)