Rates & Programs

1 Athlete – Private Fundamentals (4 Private Sessions) $350
(This is open to all levels and is required before entering our regular CrossFit classes.
Email our head coach to schedule your first appointment breanne@hgxfit.com)
2 Athletes – Private Fundamentals $250 Each Person ($500 Total)
3 Athletes – Private Fundamentals $200 Each Person ($600 Total)
4 Athletes – Private Fundamentals $200 Each Person ($800 Total)

Individual Unlimited Classes $190
Discount Rates (LEO, Firefighter, EMT, Active Military, Full-Time Student and Teachers) $140
Individual One Year Contract (Pay in Full) $2090
Couples (Live in the same house hold) $300
Families (Up to 4 members that live in the same house hold) $580
Punchcard (10 sessions, card will expire in three months) $190
Drop In (Please only experience CrossFitters) $25
Drop In Plus A HGX Tee $35

1 Client $100
1 Client (Pre-pay 10 sessions) $850
2 Clients $150
2 Clients (Pre-paid 10 sessions) $1500
3 Clients $195
3 Clients (Pre-paid 10 sessions) $1950
All sessions are approximately 55 minutes long and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all appointments


Yoga Drop In (Per month for non-members) $25

Fundamentals Series All new members have to go through the Fundamentals Series. Pre-registration is required. Please send questions to breanne@hgxfit.com

CrossFit Classes Everyone is welcome after completing the Fundamentals Series. Please send questions to breanne@hgxfit.com

Personal Training Personal training sessions are approximately 55min and there is a 24hr cancellation policy on all appointments. Please send questions to breanne@hgxfit.com