Jim Maliksi

Three years ago I decided to lose weight and get stronger so I could run a full marathon sometime in the future. I tried all kinds of diet and ways to get my legs stronger by hiring personal trainer at a traditional gym but was unsuccessful until I decided to join HomeGrown CrossFit, approximately a year and half ago. I was iffy enough about the workouts during their original fundamental classes that I did not come back for the regular classes until after three months. Since then I have not stopped training, not only because of the positive effects of CrossFit to me physically and mentally, but also the bond that I have developed with my fellow CrossFit warriors. I am happy to say that I have fulfilled my goals plus more because of them. It’s like coming home to a second family filled with motivation, support, pain, suffering, happiness and enjoyment. Doing CrossFit is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The only regret I have is I should have done it sooner.

Duncan Lord

I stopped my regular running routine three months ago to try CrossFit, despite a thrashed shoulder. This morning I ran one of my standard routes again just for kicks (1st time in 3 months), and my avg. pace per mile was 26 seconds faster than my previous PR from when I was running regularly. Thank you, CrossFit! You guys work miracles.

Dante Corricello

HGX has become a great fitness home for my family. The coaches do an excellent job. They emphasize safety and learning proper technique. My wife and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and I feel that folks are very supportive of each other there. I really appreciate everything I’ve learned from the coaches, including diet focus, proper form for complex movements and running technique. The effects of training with the coaches have been measurable. My body composition has changed, my functional strength has developed, and my energy levels are much higher. I’ve been exercising for 27 years and feel that HGX offers the best fitness return on time invested. My thanks to all the coaches and Bre (whom I have worked with the most) in particular.

Kayla Wilson

I REALLY love the gym set up. I think it’s incredibly organized, efficient and tidy. Like the welcome desk and the check in system (we didn’t have key fobs at the old place)! I think the people are great. I don’t think I’ve ever met a CrossFitter I didn’t like, but it’s different when joining a new CF gym. Everyone at has been incredibly welcoming. -Kayla Wilson –