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One of the classic movements in CF is the box jump..  If done correctly,  these are an incredible tool to develop stamina, endurance.  Other benefits include  -strength, -flexibility, -speed, -power, -coordination, -balance.   However you have to be very careful in your way down as some of our athletes have found that the sudden and forceful shin/box encounter can be very painful.



Check out the athletes of our current fundamental's series.  These guys are super motivated,  expect big things coming out of this class.  Awesome guys and girls..  keep up the good work..  and remember,  it never gets easier.. you just get stronger!!


"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

This past weekend was full of firsts and PR's in the running world.   Not long ago,  Nicole Gambino came to SCCF aiming to become a better runner and being able to complete her first marathon (The  Nike woman's marathon).   She crossed the finish line 15 minutes faster than she originally thought.  Lloyd Capistrano wanted to break two hours in a half marathon,  he wasn't able to break 2 hours,  but he had an improvement of more than 15 minutes from his last half.    And Oliver Gutierrez,  he ran 1/2 marathon at a 7 minute per mile pace..   Animal!!  Congratulations boys and girl...  rest and recover..



Look who is having fun in New Orleans..


Good luck to the SCCF folks that will be running two great events this coming weekend.  Come on boys and girls..  kill them!!

Remember,  two thing will kill any race of any distance..    Pacing and nutrition...   make sure you don't start too fast, and make sure you hydrate and eat well.  And remember, you are stronger than you think you are..   Here are a few tips to follow for the race:

  1. Don't do anything new.
  2. Have breakfast early and go to the bathroom before the race.
  3. Prevent chafing, Vaseline or body glide are your friends.
  4. Pin your race number on your shorts.
  5. Have some coffee, it will help to get you started faster.
  6. Drink plenty the day before.
  7. During the race, drink early — and late.
  8.  Draft off someone.
  9. Don't charge the hills.
  10. Enjoy the day

If you have any other questions,  please send them to


Why should you lift heavy things is the name of a post I recently found.   It address the question that every woman asks - Will I get bulky and  look like a man?.  That and other questions are addressed in this article, which It seems that is NOT an opinion but a review of several scientific papers.

Interestingly it is not just lifting but also lowering the weight what will make you stronger.   Food for thought!!   Read the article by clicking here.

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