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The bring a friend day was awesome.  It is until now that I am catching up with the pictures I took.   Thank you very much for bringing your friends,  and friends thank you for coming to workout with us.   Lets do it again soon!!


I took this picture last week while running in the Marin Headlands...  An older couple was walking the trails and I talked to them for a little bit.   The man told me that it is a shame that 90% of the population don't get to see enjoy these views accessible only by trails,  I felt very lucky.   Come run with us..  send questions to


The games are not too far away and SCCF athletes have been working hard to get ready for this.  The full schedule is at the gym (whiteboard),  everybody can participate and so should you.   Get on it...   send questions to Luis or Breanne for more info.


A warm-up helps you prepare both mentally and physically for exercise and reduces the chance of injury,  so please come to the gym on time so you warm up properly...  Please don't skip this important part of our routine, unless you have a big desire of getting injured..



We got a few folks starting the fundamentals series today.   They are probably  be sore tomorrow...  🙂    Remember when you started?   That said, make sure to introduce yourself to these cool people when you see them at the box.  Remember, it wasn't long ago that you were that new face.  CrossFit is scary enough to most people who haven’t done it before so soften the shock with a little welcome from the vets...

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