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I don't always read about diets, but when I do it is about Paleo Diet.

My family is cursed with the Diabetes thing.   It is in my blood, thus I want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure it doesn't kill me as it has killed several family members.  Sugar is bad, we all know that,  thus I recently read a study on that particular subject.   Below is the conclusion!!

Based on the results of this 3-month randomized cross-over study in subjects with type 2 diabetes, a Paleolithic diet improves glycemic control in association with improvement of several cardiovascular risk factors compared to a conventional diabetes diet. The study supports the initiation of a large scale study on the effect of Paleolithic diet in subjects with type 2 diabetes.

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As many of you have noticed  we have many new faces coming through the door in hopes of getting their fitness on track. These  new individuals whom may just have “graduated” fundamentals or joining from other places are coming in with the same anticipation, anxiety and fear that you all did the first time you walked through that roll up door. Remember that feeling? I'm sure many of you asked yourself questions like, "Why are they making me sign a waiver saying that death may occur at any time." or "What possible reason could they have for taking my picture during this ridiculous workout." Later you would realize that there is little to no risk of injury and that posting pictures of yourself on Instagram or Facebook is actually really entertaining. In addition and even more important than the two facts mentioned above, is the sudden and obvious realization that everyone around you is extremely nice and welcoming. Almost as if each member has a specific customer service role at San Carlos Crossfit .

With all the new faces coming in, we ask all of you take on the very same role that someone at San Carlos Crossfit did before for you; be as customer service savvy as previous members did when you first tried our gym out.

Please remember what makes us special, remember the little things that make you feel like family, and pass them along to all the new faces you see, show them what you saw when you first come through.

Please introduce yourself, show them around and cheer them as they do their WOD.

(Post by Kristian Skarsfeldt)


Friday Workout was fun...  was not it?

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