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The Snatch is the world's fastest lift. In addition to moving the weight quickly, the snatch also moves the weight a long distance - from the ground all the way overhead. The snatch not only trains power, but is an excellent developer of balance, flexibility, coordination, speed and strength.

From the CrossFit Journal: "The snatch is a high-skill movement, so every rep requires absolute concentration on the part of the athlete, which means the nervous system receives much more stimulation than when a static exercise is done. Whenever an athlete masters the technique in the full snatch, he has learned to trigger the necessary form cues instantly, and this skill is transferred to all his other athletic endeavors.

In other words, learning how to do a full snatch benefits not only strength but many other athletic attributes, such as flexibility, coordination, foot speed, balance, timing, determination and mental acuity"


We are happy to announce that changes are coming to San Carlos CrossFit.   We are adding a new fundamental's series starting the next year. Today's fundamentals is full , but if you were thinking of joining us please consider one of our upcoming  fundamentals series, see the starting dates below.  If you have any questions, please send an email to:

Fundamentals 6:00 PM
January 4th
January 28th
February 18th

Fundamentals 6:00 AM
January 11th
February 4th
February 25th


At SCCF we have fun too and this Saturday is about that..  Coach Heather will make it awesome for you this Saturday.

 Happy December Everyone you know what they say, December is the Friday of the year? 



Check out Megan,  that is the smile of satisfaction after successfully completing her push press.   Btw,  that is the PR hat she is wearing.


Check out one of  youngest member of the SCCF family.. She makes it look so easy...


It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it.


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