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Don't forget our schedule changes this week.

And, Holiday Party is December 7th!! Mark your calendars!

Nov 21 Wed regular schedule
Nov 22 Thur Thanksgiving CLOSED
Nov 23 Fri One Class at 9:00am and 10:00am Open Gym
Nov 24 Sat Regular Schedule


Congratulations to three of our SCCF athletes.  They participated this weekend in three grueling endurance events.

Shane Stent participated in “The Spartan Race" which is an arduous test of guts and heart under normal conditions.   This past weekend conditions were anything but normal, it turns out that the Weather Gods made the conditions even more brutal than anything any Spartan  has ever seen.  Several athletes were sent to the hospital suffering from hypothermia. Conditions were pretty brutal out there.  For the full story, click here.   Shane did awesome, he finished 14th of 250 in his very competitive age group,  with a blistering time of 3:17, congratulations Shane.

Oliver Gutierrez went to Tempe Arizona to compete in a full Ironman Triathlon.  An IM consists of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, talk about insanity.  He just crossed the Finish line (8:45 PM SF time)  His overall time was about 14:43 something.   Definitely a  PR from last year's IronMan,  Way to go Oliver, you make us  really proud.

David Firkins finished the World Toughest Mudder this morning.   This is an insane 24 hour extreme race competition that puts the world’s most hardcore Mudders through a grueling 24-hour challenge designed to find the toughest man, woman, and 4-person team on the planet. When the mud settled this morning, David earned the right to call himself one the World’s Toughest Mudder!  Apparently, he swears by chicken broth and neoprene.  David, congratulations on this awesome finish.

San Carlos CrossFit is very proud of this trio,  congratulations Boys,   now… what is next?



Check out our youngest members.   San Carlos CrossFit is not only for adults.  We are the only CrossFit cerfied affiliate in the peninsula.  Our CrossFit Kids prgram is not a scaled-down or watered-down version of CrossFit; it is a program designed specifically to  meet the special neurological, cognitive and motor needs of children. But the most important aspect of San Carlos CrossFit Kids is that it is FUN!  Kids will look forward to coming to class, and will learn that “exercise” is interesting, fun, and worth doing.  Do you have kids, get them to SCCF.    Do you have questions, please send us an email to


Steven (on the right) and his older brother Ryan Scott who, among many other talents, was a contestant on Bravo TV's Top Chef season four in Chicago.

Hey SCCF athletes, Thanksgiving is coming, a season for giving.   As you know, many are not as fortunate as the majority of us are.  Among our awesome members, Steven Scott, is a Firefighter with the City of Belmont,  he became member of SCCF since just after the doors opened.  He and his family have started a charity and we think it is a perfect opportunity for us to contribute and help the needy.   Steven wrote an assay describing his charity and the their needs.. Please read it below:

 “Six years ago my family started an annual charity that feeds 5,000 bay area homeless on Thanksgiving Day. The charity is called Harvest From The Heart ( and is the brainchild of my older brother Ryan Scott who, amongst many other talents, was a contestant on Bravo TV's Top Chef season four in Chicago.  Additionally he owns two restaurants in San Francisco called Market and Rye, has a weekly radio show on Saturdays on KGO 810 from 4-6pm called Cooking With Ryan Scott, and his own national TV Show on ABC-7 The Live Well Network called Food Rush.   As I previously stated this year 5000 of the Bay Area's less fortunate will be fed a great home-style bagged lunch on Thanksgiving Day that includes a delicious Turkey sandwich, a scrumptious bean salad, a freshly made cupcake, a hand written Thanksgiving Day card from a local grade schooler, a bottle of water, and a brand new pair of socks (overwhelmingly the number one request by meal recipients in year one of the charity). This year, however, because we upped the number of meals from 3,000 to 5,000 we are short a few thousand dollars and a couple thousand pairs of new socks. $20 feeds 10 people, and although they may never know your name or where the food came from, you'll know that you helped someone in need, and for many of us it'll be someone local. Please go to today and give a little back. Unfortunately we are all booked as far as volunteers for the year, but there's always next year and we could really use your generous donations.  The website has paypal, or you may drop off a bag of new socks at San Carlos Crossfit by noon on Wednesday the 21st.  And yes this is a government recognized 501c(3) charity and you may write your donation off of your taxes if you so choose.  Believe me, if you could see the appreciation on the faces on Thanksgiving Day you'd give a lot more than $20"

We hope that SCCF athletes will step up and donate on line at, we will also have a box at the gym where you can bring new socks to donate.    Please consider a donation to this awesome cause.



Whoa..   This weekend is BIG for three San Carlos Cross Fit Athletes.  Three of our own will compete in three of the most grueling races around.  We cannot be prouder of this bunch...

Oliver Gutierrez will compete on Ironman Arizona this weekend.  The Ironman triathlon, an extreme challenge for the supremely fit, it consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run. It's been said that just finishing is a victory! Imagine 2400 souls starting the swim at the same time..  If you want to know how your socks feel in the washer machine, try the IM swim.

Shane Stent will take on the Spartan Race (The Beast),   an obstacle Race from Hell. It was voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race in 2012, If you have done any race anywhere in the world: whether a mud run, fun run, Olympic run, bike race, death march or any kind of event claiming to be the "toughest race on the planet" you will be happy to know that this is where it ends..THIS IS THE SPARTAN BEAST, a whole other animal.

David Firkins will compete at the World Toughest Mudder this thing  takes the concept of being a Tough Mudder to a whole new level. This extreme competition puts the world’s most hardcore Mudders through a grueling 24-hour challenge designed to find the toughest man, woman, and 4-person team on the planet. When the mud settles on November 18th, a select few winners will have bested 500,000 other Mudders worldwide for the right to call themselves the World’s Toughest Mudders!

 It is going to be great..  We are very proud of you guys..  Way to represent…  Kill  them!!!

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